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Terms of Service

1. You agree to NOT pretending as Re-StartRO's Staff, either intentionally or unintentionally.
2. You agree to NOT using character name, guild/party name, guild title, and/or guild emblem with inappropriate contents (such as insulting, racist, sexist, pornographic, obscene, etc).
3. Do NOT type/speak inappropriate word either in Facebook Group or game.
4. You agree to NOT receiving, taking, using, and keeping in-game items or zeny from other characters without permission.
5. You agree to NOT modifying Re-StartRO's client, sending abnormal data to the server, and using other programs that can cause disruption on Re-StartRO server.
6. You agree to NOT using illegal program while playing.
7. You agree to NOT abusing/speaking ill of Re-StartRO's Staff.
8. You agree to NOT promoting another Ragnarok Private Server, but you may talk about Official Ragnarok Server (such as: idRO, iRO, kRO, etc).
9. You agree to NOT selling/buying in-game items with real money currency.
10. You agree to NOT exploit in-game bugs.
11. Punishment will be given to the violator, even though if there are violations that have not been listed in this Terms of Service.
12. This Terms of Service are subject to change at any time without prior notice.